One week Drop in (up to 3 drop ins)

$45.00 / 3 Pack

One week Drop in (up to 5 drop ins)

$70.00 / 5 Pack

Buy one get one Beginners Course

$175.00 / 10 Pack

Cyber Monday Deal!  Buy one Get one Free Beginners Course.  

Our Beginners Course is individualized for each person.  During this course you will get a mix of one on one training and class training.  Also, our trainers will get familiar with how you move so they can better guide you through each class safely and effectively.  

Reach out to if you have any other questions or want to schedule a free one on one.  After you purchase the package we will be in contact to issue you a gift card for another beginners course or set up the second persons account!

Beginners one on one

$200.00 / 5 Pack

with Staff: