Weekly Online Training Package

$45.00 / 2 Pack

As we are all doing our part to help flatten the curve and beat this virus, we are recognizing the importance of staying active and healthy.  Not only will it help our immune system and stave off cardiovascular disease but you will feel better overall after a great workout.  Now where to start?!  You could try a general online program or purchase some gym equipment, however these are missing motivation, accountability, and real live coaches building a program specific to you.

CrossFit Bona Fide is bringing its training and coaches online.  This program requires no equipment and no commitment, but if you have some equipment we will work that in too.  

Here is what the package includes:
  • One 30-60 min online assessment.  During this live meeting we will go over your daily schedule and any equipment you might have (YOU DON'T NEED ANYTHING).  After that we will talk about your goals and develop a program for you.  

  • One 30 min online accountability check in.  During our next meeting we will make sure everything is going well and make any adjustments necessary for the remainder of the week.

  • Access to all our live online group classes for 1 week.  

As soon as you sign up you will receive and email and we can get started right away.  Let's use this time to develop healthy habits.  

Stay strong and healthy!