Tuesday, 10/22/2019

Tuesday, 10/22/2019

What’s your why? Seems like a simple, straight forward question, right? All I want to know is why do you do this? What is your motivation that keeps you coming back? The fact of the matter is that the answer will differ for everyone. Some folks just want to work out; they have always liked exercise and now this is the activity they use to fill the void. Some folks need to compete (Chris *cough cough*) and now that their early days of sport are done and this is how they scratch the itch. Others have real world motivators that get them in the door, even if they have never liked exercise; like a history of heart disease. Others just started doing CrossFit because it seemed like a fun healthy environment to be part of, this is the camp I fall into, others may fall into multiple categories. I don’t have a long athletic background, I have never previously loved working out, and I don’t have a history of heart disease in my family. I just wanted to be healthier and put some muscle on this huge frame of mine. I believe this is the factor that unites all of these groups, when it comes down to it people just want to live long and look good naked.

Finding or identifying a “why” or motivating factor can be as simple or complicated as you make it. Like I mentioned, I didn’t have some deep passion burning inside me, I was just trying to add a little muscle to my 130lb frame. Coincidently, the longer I am involved in this community and the more I learn and grow, the more motivated I feel by it. Could this be your exact “why” too!? Probably not. We have all come from different paths and what motivates me might not mean a single thing to anyone else, and that’s okay. The important thing is that you find something that resonates with you and keeps the fire burning.

So why does your motivation matter? Well, because we want to see you continue to succeed! I believe that we have all done a task with little to no motivation and have seen the results that it yields. Did the task get completed? Potentially. Were the results as good as they could have been? Absolutely not. Contrary to popular belief, just showing up is only half the battle; showing up and trying your best, that’s where the sweet spot is. If you just showed up to the gym every day, did whatever was written on the whiteboard with as little effort as possible and left, you would be doing yourself a disservice. The recipe is really very simple, workout 3-6 days a week and do your best every day, even if it’s something you’re not good. We are looking for a daily best and as far as I know, we‘re all human beings, and we are constantly being swayed by the tides of life. Work, school, kids, little or poor sleep, nutrition hurdles, the list goes on and on. What this all boils down to is keeping a motivator in mind that means something to you can be instrumental in keeping the progress coming. Get in the gym, work hard, and look good. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

-Coach Ang

10/22/2019 - WOD A

MIN 1 & 2 - 15 Up-Downs then...Max Alt. DB Clean (Athlete Choice, Heavy)
MIN 3 & 4 - 15 Box Jumps (24/20) then...Max Toes 2 Bar
MIN 5 & 6 - Heavy Hold...Mixing it Up!*

*Rounds 1 & 3 - Max Distance KB Farmer Carry (70/53)|(53/35)
Rounds 2 & 4 - Max Distance KB Front Rack Carry (70/53)|(53/35)

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2 Rounds
3:00 Stations

No Rest b/t Stations
1:00 Rest b/t Rounds

Max Cal Row

1 Up/Down
1 Jump Squat

4 Sit-ups
4 Hollow Rocks

No Additional Conditioning. Hit Full GPP with hard effort.
B. NC60
Build Slowly to Heavy Single Clean & Jerk

*Use this time as session to really think about your mechanics. Build slowly and take your time between lifts. No more than 3-4 attempts when you get close to 90%.

10/22/2019 - Boot camp

20 Jumping Air Squats
400m Run
20 Alt. Step-Ups

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Stephanie Ross 4 months, 1 week ago / Reply

10/22/2019 - WOD A:
Notes: 15# DB 2 plates jumps 26# KB

Tony Bouzakine

Tony Bouzakine 4 months, 1 week ago / Reply

10/22/2019 - WOD A:
Notes: 45lbs db 53 kb for front rack 72 kb for farmer carry

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