Week of 11/26-11-30 WODS

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Emom x 20

10 wbs

9 burpees

Holeshot challenge

Hold on to 10 wbs 9 burpees and you only have to do 12 minutes of the emom.  If you fail you must complete the rest of the 20 minutes


For time

50 mtn climbers between each movement**Wod ends with 25 waiters squats


25 waiters squats left (50/35)

25 waiters squats right

50 t2b

25 waiters squats

25 waiters squats


Tabata push jerk

Rest 3 minutes

Tabata chest-to-bar pull-up

Rest 3 minutes

Tabata push-up

Rest 3 minutes

Tabata hang power snatch



4 sets building in weight

7 wide grip

7 regular grip

7 narrow grip

Super set with 3 push ups left hand on med ball

3 push ups right hand on med ball



10 rounds for time

9 thrusters (95/65)

35 dus

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