Wednesday, February 10th WOD


Workout for Wed., 2/10:

Warm Up –

1:30 minute hollow hold + band pull apart

1:30 minute Arch Hold + band pull apart

1:30 Minute kip practice

1:30 Minute Russian Baby maker (Go deep and shift around!!!)

Mobility –

Plantar, Glute, Hamstring, Quad and Deltoid  Lacrosse Smash

Banded  Pull aparts and Pass throughs

Olympic Lifting –

Squat Clean and Jerk

WOD – 

1 Squat Clean and Jerk every 20 seconds

for 10 minutes at 65% of 1RM or heavy single

Score is # of times you broke. Zero is the perfect score.

Open Gym Suggested Work:

Gymnastics –

Your Planche and Front Lever Progression (Talk to Coach)

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