Tuesday, January 12th WOD


CFBF Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Info Session this Thursday night, 1/14 at 6:30pm! 

Core Nourishment will be co-presenting and food/snacks will be provided by Good t’Go!

Please RSVP if you plan on attending.  

30-Day Challenge kicks off 1/18…change your life in 2016!!! 

Workout for Tue., 1/12:

Warm Up –

2-3 Rounds

Barbell Complex


Part A:

Find a 3x rep strict press max…then…

3x Strict press, 4x push press, 5x push jerk

2x Strict press, 3x push press, 4x push jerk

1x Strict press, 2x push press, 3x push jerk

**Increase weight each set**

Part B:

Bring Sally Up!! (Squats)

Every time you break= 3x Burpees per break after the WOD

After Bash –

Mobility work

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