Tuesday, February 9th WOD


Workout for Tue., 2/9:

Warm Up –

1 minute hollow hold + band pull apart

1 minute Arch Hold + band pull apart

1 Minute kip practice

1 Minute Russian Baby maker (Go deep and shift around!!!)

Mobility –

Plantar, Glute, Hamstring, Quad and Deltoid  Lacrosse Smash

Banded  Pull aparts and Pass throughs

Strength –

7×3 Strict press

WOD – “Tabata This, Tabata That”


Push ups

90 seconds off

Ab mat Sit Ups or Knees above parallel

90 seconds off

OH Barbell Lunges (55/35)

90 seconds off

Push Press (55/35)


Ring Push Up or Regular P.U.

90 seconds off

Ab Mat Sit Ups or K2E

90 seconds off

OH Barbell Lunge (55/35)

90 seconds off

Push Press (55/35)


Ring Push Up

90 Seconds off

GHD (or T2B)

90 Seconds off

OH Barbell Lunge (75/55)

90 Seconds off

Push Press (75/55)

Open Gym Suggested Work:

Olympic Lifting –

Snatch 60%x4, 70%x4x2, 75%x4, 80%x4, 85%x2

Gymnastics –

10 minute EMOM

10 x 5 weighted L- Pull Ups

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