Thursday, January 28th WOD


Happy Birthday to our special Bona Fide Spartan, Landon!!! 

Workout for Thu., 1/28:

Warm Up –

1 Min vertical slam ball jumps w/ Med Ball

2 min Non -seated box jumps

1 min static ring hold with external rotation

Mobility –

Plantar, glute and hamstring Lacrosse Smash

Strength –


Strict Press OTM


Fitness Level    Performance Level    Competitor Level 
  3 Rounds for time   3 Rounds for time   3 Rounds for time
  17 Pull Ups + 17 Dips    14 Box Bar MU (or 2 legless rope climbs)   7 Ring or Bar MU
 55 Ab Mat Sit Ups   55 Ab Mat Sit Ups   35 GHD Sit Ups
  250ft. Bear Crawls    50 ft. Handstand Walk (or hs shifts on box)  100 ft. Handstand Walks  

Open Gym Suggested Work:

Olympic Lifting –

Split Jerk: 60%x3x2/70%x3/75%x4x2/80%x3/85%x2

Endurance –

50 Burpees to 45 lb Plate for time

Rest 3 Minutes

Repeat once. Go for negative split.

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