Thursday, December 22nd WOD

Do you have a friend or family member that has been wanting to come WOD with you? 

Have them come to a Bring-A-Buddy Day!

We are having TWO “Bring-A-Buddy” DAYS

Tuesday, January 3rd & Saturday, January 7th

Our workouts on those days will be tailored for anyone that has never done CrossFit before as well as challenging enough for any advanced athletes that would like to get their fitness on! And don’t forget, “buddies” get to WOD for free!

Workout for Thu., 12/22:

Warm Up!

Mobility –

Shoulder mob

2 min puppy dog

3 min each shoulder lax smash

20 pvc pass through with bend at the top

Pvc OH Squat with rig as a guide. 

X15 with a 5 second pause in the bottom


12 min AMRAP

1 DL

20 DUs

10 Burpees

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