Athlete of the Month (February) – Laura Halsey

CFBF Athlete of the Month (February) – Laura Halsey

We are so proud of this strong mama’s commitment, drive and strength!  She continued to come into CFBF for workouts before, during and after her first pregnancy and always works hard. Congrats Laura on being CFBF’s Athlete of the Month and Happy Birthday!  So honored to have you part of the CFBF community.  Read more about Laura below…

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background? 

I have always been active and made physical fitness a priority. Prior to joining CFBF in February of 2015 I was really into running. I logged many training runs with Brad (where he frequently talked about CrossFit). My favorite race length was a 5k and I was fairly competitive in the local races.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

I was really intimidated to try CrossFit. Once I finally started, I was immediately hooked. My knee was bothering me running and CrossFit was a new challenge. I really like competing with myself. CrossFit is a great place for this.

Most Memorable WOD?

There have been a lot of memorable WODs. I really enjoy the Hero WODs. They are challenging and it feels good knowing you are doing them in honor of someone who has served our country.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?


Biggest Challenge?


Biggest Improvement?   

Pull ups

Who is Your Superhero?

All of the athletes at CFBF that push me each and every WOD.

Fun Fact about Yourself?

A couple years ago I came in 2nd place in the Seacoast Road Race Series. But more importantly I’m pretty good at making drinks.

What Most Special About CFBF?

I’ve been a member for 2 years and love it!  The coaches are amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable and know what is going on with each member. I have always loved the positive atmosphere at CFBF and it really feels like a second family.

Any Advice for New Members?

Just keep coming!