Athletes of the Month (July) – The Flintosh Family (John, Juliana & Caleb)

What an amazing thing to witness…a family (mother, father and son) working out side-by-side day in and day out. Through some of the hardest workouts, they grind, push limits, overcome, support and cheer each other on.  What a wonderful example John and Juliana are for their son and all of us!  Caleb, always amazed by his determination, commitment and drive.  You’ll go far!  These 3 always work HARD and are such a big part of the CFBF community.  Always there to help out and support everyone that walks through our doors.  It’s our honor to recognize them as our July Athletes of the Month.  Great job Flintosh family! #fitfam #momstrong #dadstrong #sonstrong #community 

CFBF Athletes of the Month (July) – Juliana, John & Caleb Flintosh

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?
John: I have played 30 years of soccer and I do outdoor sports like skiing and hiking when I have the time.
Juliana: I don’t really have much athletic experience prior to joining CFBF. I played lacrosse in middle school, but didn’t do much more than that.
Caleb: I run track and cross country and play basketball at school.

Why Did You Join CFBF?
Juliana: I joined because I was feeling pretty lonely and sedentary after moving here, I had heard that CrossFit was a good way to meet people and get in shape so I decided to take the plunge.
John: My wife!
Caleb: Because I was bored sitting at home when everyone else was at the gym.

Most Memorable WOD?
John: Every WOD is memorable (ha), but my most memorable was the second time I did Murph, because I shaved 12 minutes off my first time.
Juliana: Mine was 17.5. I struggle (hardcore) with double unders and it kicked my ass. I plodded through the entire thing, but I finished. It was ugly but it was done and I was glad that I did it.
Caleb: My most memorable WOD was one that I didn’t participate in as an athlete but did participate as a sandbag. Bryant, Chris and Addie had to run a mile using me as their 50# weight.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?
John: Overhead Squats!
Juliana: Handstand Pushups or  Cleans
Caleb: Deadlifts

Biggest Challenge?
John: Consistent double unders
Juliana: Not panicking!
Caleb: gaining weight.

Biggest Improvement?
John: Gymnastic movements
Juliana: I didn’t cry once during the open!
Caleb: Cleans

Who is Your Superhero?
John: My Wife
Juliana: In all honesty, my family, they are pretty awesome!
Caleb: Tiny Dog!

Fun Fact about Yourself?
John: I am an excellent whistler.
Juliana: I am a very good rollerskater (I think, I haven’t been in a long time!)
Caleb: I’ve lived in three states.

What Most Special About CFBF?
John: Sense of community!
Juliana: CFBF is one of the most supportive group of people I have ever been a part of. Every time you come to the gym and work out, there is someone there cheering you on, supporting you and pushing you to do your best, it is amazing. Everyone becomes like family, we joke that Caleb has about 15 extra parents looking out for him all the time.
Caleb: Being part of an awesome group of people.

Any Advice for New Members?
John: Don’t be intimidated by the work load, just do what you can and get better every day.
Juliana: Listen to the coaches!!! They 100% have your best interest in mind and if you listen, you will have pretty amazing success.
Caleb: It might be hard but, you should just keep on pushing.