Athletes of the Month (May) – Tony & Lyndsey Bouzakine

Tony & Lyndsey are one of the OG couples of CFBF!   Since 2015, their humor, hard work, and infectious energy have made them a huge part of the CFBF family.  You’re guaranteed to have a fun time when they are around and they make the workouts that much more enjoyable (at least for everyone else). 🙂  We applaud their commitment to getting stronger and healthier and they are great role models for their daughter, Kennedy and everyone else they interact with.  Work hard, play hard are what the Bouzakine’s are all about and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate them as our May Athletes of the Month!  Congrats!  Learn more about their journey below.

CFBF Athletes of the Month (May) – Tony & Lyndsey Bouzakine

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?   

Tony: I played soccer, tennis, and swam all through high school. Then when college came about, I discovered beer and my athletic pursuits became much less intense and more focused on 16 oz curls. I’ve never really “worked out” or went to the gym on any sort of consistent basis before CFBF.

Lyndsey: I was a basketball player until I wasn’t the tallest one anymore, I was a field hockey goalie until I dislocated my knee, and I played every other sport in order to keep up with my brother. I am also a flip-cup champion.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

We joined with a friend during a special promotion in 2015 and haven’t stopped since!

Most Memorable WOD?

Tony: 17.5! This was the first time I was able to string together more than a few double-unders in a workout and I was pretty happy with that. I also puked halfway through the thrusters on round 6 or 7 and somehow finished the workout so that is pretty hard to forget.

Lyndsey: We had just started CrossFit the month before and went on vacation right after our Beginners Course. We came back to the gym right in time for the Open to be our first group classes at CFBF (15.5).  Thrusters and rowing were extremely hard!  It was also the first time I met Josh Jasper, we judged for each other and we both almost died but somehow got through it!

Favorite CrossFit Movement? 

Tony: Clean and Jerk.

Lyndsey: DB Snatches and Double-Unders

Biggest Challenge?

Tony: My stamina. I love quick/short/heavy workouts, but anything that just keeps going is super difficult for me to keep my energy up and not take too many breaks. Also trying to not throw up.

Lyndsey: Pull-ups. My goal was to get 1 strict pull up by end of 2016, then 2017, and now 2018.

Biggest Improvement?  

Tony: Double-Unders. I spent a long time being very frustrated with doing sets of 2-3 doubles and then whacking my legs with the jump rope. Then something just clicked one day. No idea what it was that got me over the hump.

Lyndsey: Double-Unders and handstand push-ups (even with all the cake stacks Chris!).

Who is Your Superhero?

Tony: Our daughter, Kennedy. She’s constantly moving and playing and keeping us on our toes. Her single-minded determination is amazing, even though it’s usually focused on sweets and ice-cream.

Lyndsey: My mom. Even though she passed away last year from cancer, she is a very big motivating factor that pushes me to try new things and always work hard and party harder. Tequila burpees for all!!!!

Fun Fact about Yourself?

Tony: I moved to the US when I was 13 from Russia.

Lyndsey: I got certified as a Scuba diver when I was 11, but I will only do it in warm waters now so you’ll need to ask Tony to get you scallops!

What Most Special About CFBF?

The people. You can go get a workout at any gym, but the atmosphere and the community at CFBF is what got us hooked and has kept us coming back day after day.

Any Advice for New Members?

Even when you are feeling sore, get back in the gym! It gets better much quicker if you just keep moving. Also if you see multiple coaches around the gym in between classes and they ask if anyone wants to do a workout, the answer is always no. Yet we all say yes. 🙂