Athlete of the Month (December) – Aishling Falzone

Please join us in congratulating Aishling Falzone on being named our December Athlete of the Month!  Aishling has made a ton of progress over the past 2.5 years while working full-time, raising a family, training through a pregnancy, recovering from a C-section, and suffering a foot injury!  She doesn’t give up and we couldn’t be more proud to recognize her efforts this month!

CFBF Athlete of the Month (December) – Aishling Falzone

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?

I played multiple sports in high school (ah, the Glory Days. . .) and skied competitively after college, but exercise took a back seat to other commitments when I was in my late twenties.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

I liked the idea of CrossFit because it incorporated so many different aspects of fitness. I also really liked the idea of having accountability during a workout. When I visited CFBF for a trial session, I found it to be a very welcoming place. There was no judgment about where I was fitness-wise, but instead a desire to know how CFBF could help support me in reaching whatever goals I set for myself.

Most Memorable WOD?

I was still a relatively new member (maybe three weeks in) when I showed up at a 5 AM on a particularly snowy morning to find “Filthy Fifty” written on the whiteboard. Not having any knowledge of what the WOD entailed, I waited for other members to roll in. At 5:04 AM, I realized I was the only one who was going to be there. Just me. And the coach. And the Filthy Fifty. For those of you familiar with the Filthy Fifty, you know that this is not necessarily a time when you want the undivided attention of your coach.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?

Strict Press or Front Squat

Biggest Challenge?

Any and all gymnastics movements.

Biggest Improvement?

Rope Climbs

Who is Your Superhero?

Without question, my mom. She is the most selfless person I know. 

Fun Fact about Yourself?

I am a ridiculously good backward roller skater.

What Most Special About CFBF?

Definitely, the relationships you build with your coaches and the other members. It’s not easy to set that alarm for 4:00 am to get up to face a 5 AM WOD, but at CFBF you are not just some unknown person who plugs along on an adjacent treadmill. If I don’t make it to a class, I have fellow members checking in with me to see where I was and when I will be back.

Any Advice for New Members?

When you are new, some of the movements and even the terminology can seem intimidating at first, but just keep showing up. The coaches will meet you wherever you are fitness-wise and help you work with any physical limitations you have. I was able to attend CFBF throughout an entire pregnancy (during which I achieved some PRs), the coaches helped me work my way back after a C-section, and they modified workouts so I could keep coming when I tore a ligament in my foot. I am still working to improve many of the movements, but each day that I show up, I am better than I was the day before.  Also, find a class time that works for you and stick with it. You will be rewarded with an amazing community of people who support and challenge each other during each WOD. Shout out to the 5 AM Crew here — they are the bomb!

Athletes of the Month (October) – Kerstin & Kajsa Matz

We love it when families workout together! Not only is it more fun but it’s a great way to stay on top of your fitness goals.  We’ve highlighted some of our amazing families before and this month is no exception, meet this dynamite mother-daughter duo, and our October Athletes of the Month—Kerstin & Kajsa Matz!  These strong ladies always come in with smiles on their faces ready to do work.  They inspire us at CFBF because they are always ready to step outside their comfort zone, challenge themselves and reach new levels of success.  Their smiles always brighten up a class.  Congrats Kerstin & Kajsa!  We look forward to watching you continue to grow and raise the bar!


CFBF Athletes of the Month (October) – Kerstin & Kajsa Matz

What is your athletic background?

Kerstin:  Broomball, ice-skating on the pond my dad made in our backyard, running, , GOTR coaching, yoga, home-workouts, college bounce and toss games.  Anything that was non-competitive and didn’t involve large groups of people was what I was drawn to.

Kajsa:  I played soccer and lacrosse.  I did Girls On The Run for two years.  Now I do CrossFit.

Why did you join CFBF?

Kerstin:  I had heard about CrossFit years ago on a 60 Minutes segment.  Then, I had heard about it in a brief conversation with a friend.  Heading into Home Depot with my family, I saw the CFBF sign and walked in so I could avoid looking at tools and picking up caulking supplies.  Chris was there, we talked, I came in for an evaluation, he was nice, so I signed up for the beginner class.  I really enjoyed it, it’s addicting, so I joined. 

Kajsa:  My mom was doing it and it looked fun.

Most memorable WOD?

Kerstin:  17.1.  I was terrified!  I didn’t think I could do the DB thrusters, but I did.  I was counting on someone there knowing CPR because I thought the burps over box were going to be the end of me.  It turns out, I did those, too.  It wasn’t pretty, but I did them.  Kajsa was amazing, too.  It was so great to see my kid work so hard.  I am so proud of her!

Kajsa:  The first Open WOD (17.1) because it was my first WOD in a competition.

Favorite CF movement?

Kerstin:  Thrusters, again not pretty, but I really tried to practice the movement to get it right.  I don’t know why!  I also like deadlifts because I can do them – lean down, stand up.  I like wall balls, too.

Kajsa:  I like the rope climb because when I get to the top I can see the entire gym.

Biggest challenge?

Kerstin:  Burpees!  Ugh!  I have to figure out how to change my story with those!  I do struggle with expecting to do more and to do it faster than I’m ready for.   Finding the right weight for barbells. 

Kajsa:  Getting my strict pull-up.

Biggest improvement?

Kerstin:  Squats.  Even if it’s just a centimeter deeper, I can tell.  It’s progress.  I’m much stronger than when I started!  I know because I can clean a 38 pound bag of dog food, I couldn’t do that before!

Kajsa:  I’ve gotten stronger.

Who is your superhero?

Kerstin:  Kajsa.  I’m truly amazed by the athlete she has become.  She is focused and perseveres.  I can’t help smiling when I watch her.

Kajsa:  Addie because she’s awesome!

Fun fact about yourself?

Kerstin:  I was an exchange student in Sweden in 1988-89.  We went to the Soviet Union on a field trip.  My friend and I met some Soviet men on the street during the day and met them in a stairwell at night to trade jeans for Soviet memorabilia.  How am I still alive? 

Kajsa:  I love to bake.

What is most special about CFBF? 

Kerstin: I think everyone says this, but it’s true, the people and coaches.  It’s a welcoming community.  The coaches truly care about helping you get stronger and better.  They pay attention to everyone’s individual needs. 

Kajsa:  Everyone is super helpful and friendly.  And, Chris and Addie really help me build up to the weight I want and the with movements.

Advice for new members? 

Kerstin:  If you’re nervous, force yourself to keep coming back because it is worth it.  You’re stronger than you may think you are.  Everything can be scaled.  Don’t be afraid to answer questions.  If you cry, come back because people will act like it never happened. 

Kajsa:  Try your best.  Everyone has to be scaled down at times, not just you.  Don’t compare yourself to other people because maybe someone was scaled down but they were in another class and you didn’t see them. 


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Athlete of the Month (March) – Chet Ersoy

Congratulations to Chet for being named our March Athlete of the Month!  His positive attitude and dedication are two major ingredients to his success!  He’s a joy to coach and a great member of the CFBF family.  We look forward to seeing his smiling face everyday at 5am!

CFBF Athlete of the Month (March) – Chet Ersoy

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?  

I wasn’t really active throughout my teenage years. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I took up running and started going to the gym. 

Why Did You Join CFBF?

I’ve heard about CrossFit from podcasts I was listening to and then saw the games on TV.  I was also getting tired of the “typical” gym scene.   I always wanted to try CrossFit, and luckily I had a gift card to CFBF that I could use toward first month of my membership.

Most Memorable WOD?

All of the hero workouts I’ve done last year, in honor of our fallen heroes. “1775” U.S. Army’s Birthday Workout was the most remarkable. 

Favorite CrossFit Movement?

Squat Cleans

Biggest Challenge?

I have many…I am currently working on my kipping pull-ups and double-unders, snatch is next. 

Biggest Improvement?

Handstand push-ups.  From hardly getting into inverted position, to do a few kipping handstand push-ups, I feel I have come a long way.

Who is Your Superhero?

Coach Bryant, although it was a tough pick among other coaches, Addie and Chris.  As I walk in the door at 5:00 AM in the morning, it is very common to see Bryant finishing the WOD already.  There is no doubt he puts max effort into all his workouts.  The movements look so easy and effortless when Bryant demonstrates them, yet they are so difficult when I try.  He’s a terrific coach and an invincible athlete.

Fun Fact about Yourself?

I had long curly hair and played the bass guitar in a rock band during my college years.  We never became popular, but we had great time!

What Most Special About CFBF?

It’s definitely the atmosphere.  All CrossFitters at CFBF are super-friendly.  Coaches are well informed, offer lots of progressions for all movements, and most of all, they are connected with athletes on a personal level.

Any Advice for New Members?

Come to the “box” as often as you can and practice. High-skilled movements may seem intimidating at first, but as you practice, you’ll see a big difference over the next few months. Coaches are extremely patient and always there to help you attain the correct form.

December Athlete of the Month – Gail Knowles


CFBF December Athlete of the Month – Gail Knowles

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?

I was very active in my youth, playing sports and riding bicycles everywhere. After I was finished with my misspent youth at 29, I spent a few years lifting a lot of weights, which I loved. Then I did practically nothing for 24 years.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

My friend Kathleen went from being VERY heavy to a healthy weight and she loved Bonafide. After caring for my parents at the end of their lives I could see how their sedentary lifestyle added to their unhappiness and ill health. It was a wake up call that took me 4 years to answer.

Most Memorable WOD?

I don’t really know the names of things yet. Or I might never because I’m 61 years old! Since I lift much less weight than many of the folks there, I usually use my own bar. I was working on back squats, during the Strength building part of the WOD. I managed to get 2 reps of what I thought was 90 pounds and was very excited. Coach Addie came over, glanced at the bar and said, “Gail, that’s 100 pounds.” I’m glad I didn’t know, because I might have psyched myself out! Everyone gave me high fives and whoops like I got a gold in the Olympics. Brought a tear to my eye.

Favorite CrossFit Movement? 

Burpees! No, I’m lying. Totally deadlifts. Why? A few weeks ago I deadlifted 140#, when I started I could only do 65# and that was hard!

Biggest Challenge? 

Burpees! Pull-ups! And I get all confused when I think too much about OH squats, my fear of my knee buckling keeps my max low, but I’m getting there.

Biggest Improvement?    

Everything!! I’m so much stronger than I was in August when I started. I still can’t do pull ups, real push ups or a non-scaled burpee, today. Tomorrow is another story!

Who is Your Superhero?

My daughter Grace signed up with me in August. She has stayed with the program while juggling senior year in HS, working at Target, and varied and sundry after school activities. She’s amazing.

Fun Fact about Yourself?

I spent much of my misspent youth hanging out with outlaw motorcycle clubs and wrenching bikes and cars. I celebrated 31 years clean and sober in September, but under al the tattoos and piercings? I’m a rough, tough, cream puff.

What Most Special About CFBF?

The people. The coaches really look after us. They push those who need to be pushed, they keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t hurt myself. It’s great because I really need adult supervision. The other members are so supportive and friendly. It’s getting to feel like a second home. Plus? They have a physical therapist and a nutritionist that come in and you can make an appointment and get advice and help. Included in the price of your monthly membership! That’s some value added!!!

Any Advice for New Members?

Just come. There will be muscular manly men with no shirts on, carrying around chunks of cement. But they are nice. Any activity can be scaled to your level of fitness, so you can keep going throughout the hour. The coaches care about you, believe in you and will listen, their job is to help you get stronger and they pay attention. They is always a coach there when you are working out. If the price is daunting (it ain’t $10 a month), I just think of how much it would cost me to take a month off from work to have a triple bypass. Looking at it that way? It’s a steal.

October Member of the Month – Becky Oleson


CFBF October Member of the Month – Becky Oleson

Previous fitness:

I grew up playing sports. As an adult I’ve spent a lot of time hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and going to classes at the gym.


I was looking for a CrossFit gym. I came in and met with Bryant and loved his friendliness and the welcoming environment. That hooked me. Now it’s the family-like atmosphere and the high quality of coaching that keep me here.

First Memorable WOD:

It was the shortened version of Cindy in the on-ramp class. I thought I was in decent shape and quickly found out that I wasn’t!

Favorite CF moment:

Definitely the Lumberjack 20 that I just did last weekend. I was able to hit the overhead squats that I’ve been struggling with and also pull-ups with no band. After it was over one of the judges came over and complimented me. That was awesome!

What motivates you the most:

Even if I don’t feel like going I know I’ll see friends that will motivate me to do my best. I’ve never gotten there and wished I hadn’t gone.

Biggest challenge:

Right now I’d say toes to bar and overhead squats. Those are the goats that I’ve been working on.

Biggest improvement:

I started Weight Watchers in May and drastically improved my eating habits. Even before I started losing weight I noticed that I was feeling faster and stronger in all the workouts. Now that I’ve lost 10 lbs. everything seems easier than it did before – especially pull-ups.

Advice for new members:

Don’t be intimidated and ask questions. We’re all here to help each other and we were all new members at one time so we understand what you’re feeling. And definitely stick with it because you’ll be amazed at what your body can do.

Who is your Superhero:

Definitely Wonder Woman. And all the strong women at the gym who motivate me.

Fun fact about yourself:

I’m a grandmother and I ride a motorcycle with a tribe of other women.


September Member of the Month – Gary Godtland


CFBF September Member of the Month – Gary Godtland

Previous Fitness:

Not much the past 30 years. I sporadically would work out for a little while but didn’t usually make it past the 6 month mark.


Just lucky timing. I was at EMS and Bryant was out front, we started talking and he took me through the gym and I signed up then.   

First Memorable WOD:

I signed up for the Christmas Throwdown, which would be my 6th WOD.  It was an eye opener but I’m pretty sure that was also when I decided this might be right for me!

Favorite CrossFit Movement:

DEADLIFT!! It’s just you and the bar, pick it up and put it down. I never did it before CFBF and now it’s one of my happy places.

What Motivates you the most:

Different things do, sometimes it’s just me trying to better myself.  Other times, it’s trying to keep up with others.

Biggest Challenge:

FOCUS!  My whole life is is focus.

Biggest Improvement:


Advice for New Members:

It is going to be hard. You will struggle at times. Just keep moving forward it will get better. Everybody here has been through it and will help push you to the end.

Who is Your Superhero:

Not sure I have one, probably Heather for dealing with me for 19 plus years.

Fun Fact about Yourself:

I still have a record collection maybe 500ish .

Favorite 2016 Open Workout:

16.3 I got my first muscle-ups (tore my hands all up but didn’t care) but I think 16.4 and doing the 55 deadlifts with my hands still tore up was my favorite.

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Member of the Month (July) – Josh Jasper


CFBF Member of the Month (July) – Josh Jasper

Previous Fitness:

Not much. I was a pretty sedentary creature prior to starting CF. I would go through intermittent spurts of hiking but then revert right back to my lazy ways. I played soccer growing up but life pulled me away, or so I told myself.


One of my employees, Kara, was a member and raved about it. I figured…what the hell? I was desperate for a change and something to kick me into high gear before my sons got old enough to leave me behind.

First Memorable WOD:

15.5 with Lyndsey B. was extremely memorable for me because it was the first time I really experienced the CFBF community and the larger CrossFit atmosphere as a whole. We pushed each other the entire WOD and it really was a mental shift for me in my approach to CrossFit.

Favorite CrossFit Movement:

I love Overhead Squats. It pushes me more than any other barbell movement. That makes every PR or high rep push even more rewarding. A close second would be Cleans.

What Motivates you the most:

My boys. As soon as Jameson was born, I realized I had a very finite window to get healthy before they were old enough. My goal has always been the their role model in as many ways as possible, and being healthy is something I’ve struggled with my entire life and wanted to set a better example for my spawn.

Biggest Challenge:

I completely tore my ACL back in January (soccer….not CF!) and recently had surgery. It was far harder mentally to get back to my CF routine and get motivated post operatively than I expected. I’m just now starting to recover my drive that I had pre op, but the mental struggle caught me completely off guard.

Biggest Improvement:

Definitely my cleans. When I started, it was a daunting movement from a technical standpoint and I just struggled with it from day one. My knee injury actually helped me focus and tackle my clean deficits.

Advice for New Members: 

Stick with it and be yourself. I distinctly remember pulling into the parking lot in my second week at CFBF and seeing all the “fit people” going in. I had a sudden and intense wave of being self conscious and pulled right back out. I almost quit that day. I am so glad I didn’t. I’ve since lost 53 lbs and my life has changed because of CrossFit. There will always be someone fitter than you. Just focus everyday on being a better you.

Who is Your Superhero:

Captain America. All day, every day. My second son was almost named Steve Rogers.

Fun Fact about Yourself:

My wife and I breed various types of reptiles including snakes, tortoises, and monitor lizards.

Favorite 2016 Open Workout:

16.2 since my knee didn’t prevent a strong result and it was the day before I got the news that my ACL was kaput.