October Member of the Month – Becky Oleson


CFBF October Member of the Month – Becky Oleson

Previous fitness:

I grew up playing sports. As an adult I’ve spent a lot of time hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and going to classes at the gym.


I was looking for a CrossFit gym. I came in and met with Bryant and loved his friendliness and the welcoming environment. That hooked me. Now it’s the family-like atmosphere and the high quality of coaching that keep me here.

First Memorable WOD:

It was the shortened version of Cindy in the on-ramp class. I thought I was in decent shape and quickly found out that I wasn’t!

Favorite CF moment:

Definitely the Lumberjack 20 that I just did last weekend. I was able to hit the overhead squats that I’ve been struggling with and also pull-ups with no band. After it was over one of the judges came over and complimented me. That was awesome!

What motivates you the most:

Even if I don’t feel like going I know I’ll see friends that will motivate me to do my best. I’ve never gotten there and wished I hadn’t gone.

Biggest challenge:

Right now I’d say toes to bar and overhead squats. Those are the goats that I’ve been working on.

Biggest improvement:

I started Weight Watchers in May and drastically improved my eating habits. Even before I started losing weight I noticed that I was feeling faster and stronger in all the workouts. Now that I’ve lost 10 lbs. everything seems easier than it did before – especially pull-ups.

Advice for new members:

Don’t be intimidated and ask questions. We’re all here to help each other and we were all new members at one time so we understand what you’re feeling. And definitely stick with it because you’ll be amazed at what your body can do.

Who is your Superhero:

Definitely Wonder Woman. And all the strong women at the gym who motivate me.

Fun fact about yourself:

I’m a grandmother and I ride a motorcycle with a tribe of other women.