Coach Spotlight – Angelo Del Giudice

This week, we would like to highlight Coach Angelo!  We are thrilled to have Angelo back at CFBF and part of our coaching team!  It’s kind of like Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi…Angelo has returned after extensive training to teach us the way of the force.  He is always upbeat, welcoming, and is a master at gymnastics and Jedi mind tricks.  Take a moment to get to know Coach Angelo a bit more below. 


Coach Spotlight: Angelo Del Giudice

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?

I wrestled very poorly for one year in high school. I’ve been doing CrossFit since August of ’14.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

I wanted to try new things and get more fit!

Most Memorable WOD?

Memorial Day Murph ’16. Wicked hungover.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?

Pull-up, duh.

Biggest Challenge?

Thrusters. Always thrusters.

Biggest Improvement?

Power clean.

Who is Your Superhero?

My grandfather.

Fun Fact about Yourself?

My parents thought I was a girl when I was in the womb.

What Most Special About CFBF?

The family and sense of community has been so accepting to me coaching. Couldn’t feel more at home even after being away for a year.

Any Advice for New Members?

JUST TRY IT! You will have fun and WILL get more fit!