Member of the Month (June) – Rachael Maggio


CFBF Member of the Month (June) – Rachael Maggio

Previous Fitness:

I was involved in some team sports – competitive cheering and rowing – up through college. After college I had a hard time staying self motivated. I joined some local gyms but would always make so many excuses not to go.


I first joined because I was looking to get in shape for my wedding and an old rowing teammate suggested CrossFit. I immediately loved CFBF! I was so nervous and intimated but the minute I walked in the coaches were so welcoming. They took the time to get to know me and my strengths and weaknesses and modify movements to help me successfully get better instead of just throwing me in the trenches. I also love the community! That is a big part of why I keep going everyday. Everyone at CFBF is so supportive and encouraging! I think that is what gyms lack and why I was never motivated going to one. 

First Memorable WOD:

My first WOD had rope climbing in it. I hadn’t climbed a rope in years and thought oh I bet it’s like riding a bike. No. It was not. I couldn’t even hang from it.. Why it was so memorable though is that just a few months later after continuously going I finally climbed up that rope! It was my first big “PR”!

Favorite CrossFit Movement:

I love the weightlifting aspect of it. Power cleans are my fav!

What Motivates you the most: 

My future baby girl. Right now I’m hoping to exercise her out! In all seriousness though continuing Crossfit throughout my pregnancy has helped me physically and mentally and staying healthy for my daughter is now my priority. I have had my set of self esteem issues and Crossfit has helped me not worry about the number on the scale and relish in the accomplishments my body can do when I work hard. I want to be an example of health and confidence for my daughter. I want her to grow up having strong and hardworking role models like the female athletes at CFBF!

Biggest Challenge:

Pull Ups – those suckers are harder than they seem!

Biggest Improvement: 

Overhead Strength. I’ve had to modify a lot of weightlifting movements these last 9 months (for good reason) but strict and push presses I can do without modification and have gotten better not only increasing weight but technique

Advice for New Members:

Don’t be intimated! We’ve all been new at some point and know what you’re going through. It’s hard but worth it and so fun!

Who is Your Superhero: 

My grandfather. He could fix everything and anything even broken hearts.

Fun Fact about Yourself: 

I have my motorcycle license

Favorite 2016 Open Workout: 

The open was a very different experience for me this year. I was 6 months pregnant when it started so I decided to have no expectations or goals just to do it and have fun. It ended up being a very empowering experience doing it as a 2 for 1! If I had to pick one – I enjoyed 16.2 the most. As a box we did the workout together on Friday night and the atmosphere was so fun! I ended up surprising myself and went further than I thought I would! Again, the community here at CFBF is amazing and without them I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish as much as I have!

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