Friday, January 22nd WOD


Workout for Fri., 1/22:

Warm Up –

Tabata D.U. + 1 Min Plank or Planche Hold

  Mobility –

Plantar Lacrosse Smash

Banded hip distraction

Overhead Distraction with External Rotation Bias

Shoulder banded pull aparts

Strength / Gymnastics –

Wrist Strength Progression


For Time:

“Light at the end”  

  Fitness Level    Performance Level   Competitor Level 
  15-12-9-6-3   15-12-9-6-3   15-12-9-6-3
  Hang Power Clean (95/65)     Hang Power Clean (115/80)   Hang Power Clean (155/110) 
  Front Squats (95/65)   Front Squats (115/80)   Front Squats (155/110)
  Games Push Ups OR    Games Push Ups OR   Strict HSPU
  Box Push Ups   Pike Push Ups

Open Gym Suggested Workout:

Gymnastics –

Handstand Progression (Talk to Coach)

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