Friday, August 19th WOD – In-house Comp. WOD #3!


Workout for Fri., 8/19:

Warm Up!


In-House Comp WOD #3!

Part 1

1 partner works

1 partner hold a kb at their chest

200 m run each relay style (kb doesn’t need to be held)

80 WBs

60 DUs

40 box jump or step up

20 s2oh

10 ring dips (white/blue)

***score 1 Is the time to complete the chipper

Part 2

Both partners work at the same time

6 mins to establish a 1 RM clean and jerk

***score is total weight from both partners

Part three is part 1 in reverse

10 dips

20 s2oh


***score three is the split time it takes to complete the chipper

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