Coach Spotlight – Shelby Hall

Shelby recently joined the CFBF coaching team this past fall.  She’s been a wonderful addition and this week, we highlight her experience, workout tips, and fun facts! Coach Shelby comes to us with a background in dance, a degree in Kinesiology, and her CrossFit L1 Training certification.  She discovered CrossFit over 4 years ago and hasn’t looked back since! CrossFit has helped change her mindset in all areas of life. She loves sharing her passion for health and fitness with those around her and supporting others in their journey.  

Coach Spotlight – Shelby Hall


What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?   

I was a non-competitive dancer for 15 years (4 years old until the end of high school) and had played several sports in high school (field hockey, lacrosse, cross country, cheering). I also did two years of high school gymnastics. But I had never been involved in anything that I was 100% focused on. I enjoyed trying everything out.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

Coach Lance told me how amazing the community and coaches were and because it is so close to work I should check it out. He was 100% right!

Most Memorable WOD?

14.5 aka 16.5 aka death by burpees and thrusters… still has a piece of my soul.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?

Handstand walking!

Biggest Challenge? 

Realizing I needed to back down the weight on the bar until I learned to move faster.

Biggest Improvement?    

Diving headfirst into my weaknesses weekly instead of avoiding them.

Who is Your Superhero?

My mom. She taught me my work ethic and has shown me that no matter what life throws at you-you can survive and grow stronger.

What Most Special About CFBF?

The community. Everyone is so welcoming and enjoying their time at CFBF.

Any Advice for New Members?

Don’t let it all overwhelm you. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But each day you can lay down a new stone. I am constantly learning new things and I have been doing this for 4 years.  Ask a TON of questions and always remember to have fun. Remember why you started 🙂

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