Workout Of The Day

Week of 12/17-12/21 WODS


3 rounds
30 wbs
15 t2b
20 wbs
10 t2b
10 wbs
5 t2b
Rest 2 mins

Burpee over bar
100 dubs after each set
12 min cap

30 ft hs walk (1 turn around)
3 bar mu
7 squat cleans (95/65)
5 bar mus
12 squat cleans
Rest :90

4 rounds
25 ghd
15 deficit split squat each leg kb front rack
25 butterfly hip bridge
60 ft stone carry

12 days of Fitness WOD
BBELL weight (135/95)
1 thruster
2 ring dips
3 hspu
4 push up
5 box jump
6 squat clean
7 burpees over barbell
8 s2oh
9 kbs (72/53)
10 wbs (20/14)
11 c2b
12 ohs

Previous WODs

Wednesday, November 23rd WOD – Modified Hours


Schedule Reminder:

Wed 11/23 – Closing at 4:30pm (last class is 3:30pm)!

Workout for Wed., 11/23:


Tuesday, November 22nd WOD


Workout for Tue., 11/22:


Monday, November 21st WOD


**Thanksgiving Holiday Hours & Schedule**

Wed 11/23 – Closing at 4:30pm (last class is 3:30pm)

Thur 11/24 – 8am WOD only (Thanksgiving Day WOD)

Fri 11/25 – Closed

Sat 11/26 – Regular Schedule Resumes & “Family WOD” at 9am!!!

Workout for Mon., 11/21:


Thanksgiving Holiday Hours & Schedule

**Thanksgiving Holiday Hours & Schedule**

Wed 11/23 – Closing at 4:30pm (last class is 3:30pm)

Thur 11/24 – 8am WOD only (Thanksgiving Day WOD)

Fri 11/25 – Closed

Sat 11/26 – Regular Schedule Resumes & “Family WOD” at 9am!!!

Friday, November 18th WOD


Workout for Fri., 11/18:

Warm Up!


Teams of 2

1 person working at a time while other holds a KB at chest.

100 pull ups

100 push ups

100 v ups

100 lunges

100 kb swings (other partner rests)

November Athlete of the Month – Brad Mezquita


CFBF November Athlete of the Month – Brad Mezquita

Previous Fitness:

I have been involved in sports all my life.  I participated in football, baseball, and track.  After college, I concentrated on running races and triathlons.


I have relatives that were doing it.  They had been after me for a few years to try it.   Finally, Karen (my wife) noticed CFBF while out shopping and told me that was my birthday present.

First Memorable WOD:

So many to choose from!   I would say 15.1 during the Open.  Karen and I went down to CrossFit One to see the Froning vs. Frasier WOD, then I did the WOD at CFBF the next week.  It was amazing to get back into something competitive like that. 

Favorite CrossFit Movement:

I really like pull ups, C2B, toes to bar etc.  I would like to add a bar muscle up to that list.

What motivates you the most:

The easy answer is getting older and overweight, but once I enter the box, it’s everyone around me busting out a WOD.

Biggest Challenge:

Age.   It seems to be a constant battle between older = slower vs. stronger = faster.   I know that I am improving in a lot of the movements, but after age 45, I have noticed that I can’t do some of the things I used to be able to do.  I  really wish I had started CrossFit back in my 20’s. 

Biggest Improvement:

Strength.  I was never very strong.  I had been concentrating on marathons and triathlons, so I was staying pretty lean.  I now consider lifting weights fun, something I never thought I would say.

Advice for New Members:

I get the whole intimidation thing walking through the door the first time.  We have all been there.  I remember watching Bryant do a bar muscle up workout my first week.  What he was doing was so far out of reach for me.   I still haven’t got a real bar muscle up (the ones in the open were really ugly), but I can see it happening this year.  So my advice is to take your time, it will all come together if you let it.  I don’t know anyone who could do double unders on their first try, but if you look around the box, a lot of people can do them now.

Who is Your Superhero:

Not to be a kiss-ass, but I’m going with Coach Addie.  I have seen her start off as a timid athlete/coach and transform into what she is now.  Anyone who has seen Addie doing an Open WOD and start crying because she is pushing herself so hard, knows what I am talking about.   It really has been impressive to see her progress both as an athlete and a coach.   She is my superhero….all she needs is a cape.

Fun Fact about Yourself:

I have run four marathons, completed a half ironman triathlon, ran several 200 mile relays and ran the Mount Washington road race six times.  I will also challenge anyone to a trivia contest on classic Christmas specials or 80’s music. 

Thursday, November 17th WOD


Workout for Thu., 11/17:

Warm Up!

Strength –





3 Stations, 3 rounds through

90 seconds at each:

Station 1 – ATYT Crossover Symmetry

Station 2 – KB one leg. DL

Station 3- KB Bulgarian Split Squats

Wednesday, November 16th WOD


Workout for Wed., 11/16:

Warm Up!

Skill –

Box Jumps

(build in height)


Cash in = 400m run


50 stone lunges for time

(Every drop 5 push ups)

Cash out = 400m run

Tuesday, November 15th WOD


Workout for Tue., 11/15:

Warm Up!

Strength –

Front Squat


Every 2 mins

Skill –

Stone Lunge


Cash in = 400m run


50 stone lunges for time

(Every drop 5 push ups)

Cash out = 400m run

Monday, November 14th WOD


Workout for Mon., 11/14:

Warm Up!




10 RFT

3 strict c2b pull ups

6 strict pull ups

9 burpees

12 pistols (Total-6 pistols each leg)