Workout Of The Day

Week of 12/17-12/21 WODS


3 rounds
30 wbs
15 t2b
20 wbs
10 t2b
10 wbs
5 t2b
Rest 2 mins

Burpee over bar
100 dubs after each set
12 min cap

30 ft hs walk (1 turn around)
3 bar mu
7 squat cleans (95/65)
5 bar mus
12 squat cleans
Rest :90

4 rounds
25 ghd
15 deficit split squat each leg kb front rack
25 butterfly hip bridge
60 ft stone carry

12 days of Fitness WOD
BBELL weight (135/95)
1 thruster
2 ring dips
3 hspu
4 push up
5 box jump
6 squat clean
7 burpees over barbell
8 s2oh
9 kbs (72/53)
10 wbs (20/14)
11 c2b
12 ohs

Previous WODs

December Athlete of the Month – Gail Knowles


CFBF December Athlete of the Month – Gail Knowles

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?

I was very active in my youth, playing sports and riding bicycles everywhere. After I was finished with my misspent youth at 29, I spent a few years lifting a lot of weights, which I loved. Then I did practically nothing for 24 years.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

My friend Kathleen went from being VERY heavy to a healthy weight and she loved Bonafide. After caring for my parents at the end of their lives I could see how their sedentary lifestyle added to their unhappiness and ill health. It was a wake up call that took me 4 years to answer.

Most Memorable WOD?

I don’t really know the names of things yet. Or I might never because I’m 61 years old! Since I lift much less weight than many of the folks there, I usually use my own bar. I was working on back squats, during the Strength building part of the WOD. I managed to get 2 reps of what I thought was 90 pounds and was very excited. Coach Addie came over, glanced at the bar and said, “Gail, that’s 100 pounds.” I’m glad I didn’t know, because I might have psyched myself out! Everyone gave me high fives and whoops like I got a gold in the Olympics. Brought a tear to my eye.

Favorite CrossFit Movement? 

Burpees! No, I’m lying. Totally deadlifts. Why? A few weeks ago I deadlifted 140#, when I started I could only do 65# and that was hard!

Biggest Challenge? 

Burpees! Pull-ups! And I get all confused when I think too much about OH squats, my fear of my knee buckling keeps my max low, but I’m getting there.

Biggest Improvement?    

Everything!! I’m so much stronger than I was in August when I started. I still can’t do pull ups, real push ups or a non-scaled burpee, today. Tomorrow is another story!

Who is Your Superhero?

My daughter Grace signed up with me in August. She has stayed with the program while juggling senior year in HS, working at Target, and varied and sundry after school activities. She’s amazing.

Fun Fact about Yourself?

I spent much of my misspent youth hanging out with outlaw motorcycle clubs and wrenching bikes and cars. I celebrated 31 years clean and sober in September, but under al the tattoos and piercings? I’m a rough, tough, cream puff.

What Most Special About CFBF?

The people. The coaches really look after us. They push those who need to be pushed, they keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t hurt myself. It’s great because I really need adult supervision. The other members are so supportive and friendly. It’s getting to feel like a second home. Plus? They have a physical therapist and a nutritionist that come in and you can make an appointment and get advice and help. Included in the price of your monthly membership! That’s some value added!!!

Any Advice for New Members?

Just come. There will be muscular manly men with no shirts on, carrying around chunks of cement. But they are nice. Any activity can be scaled to your level of fitness, so you can keep going throughout the hour. The coaches care about you, believe in you and will listen, their job is to help you get stronger and they pay attention. They is always a coach there when you are working out. If the price is daunting (it ain’t $10 a month), I just think of how much it would cost me to take a month off from work to have a triple bypass. Looking at it that way? It’s a steal.

Friday, December 2nd WOD


Workout for Fri., 12/2:

Warm Up!

Skill –

10 mins to work on goals


5 Rounds

9 Body Weight Front Squats

12 Ring Dips

15 V-Ups

Thursday, December 1st WOD


Trying to think of gift ideas for the holidays? Give the gift of fitness! 

CFBF Gift Certificates are available.

Workout for Thu., 12/1:

Warm Up!

Strength –





“Deadlift & WB Ladder”


10 —> 1

WBS x2

2 —> 20

Wednesday, November 30th WOD


Workout for Wed. 11/30:

Warm Up!

Strength –

EMOM x 10

Min 1 =  2 bar mu negative/ dip negative

Min 2 = max pull-up bar L-sit hold


4 Rounds NFT

5 Tucked Front Levers (with a 1 second pause)

7 Strict Pull Ups

9 Dips (finish with palms turned out)

Tuesday, November 29th WOD – Bring A Buddy Day!


**Bring-A-Buddy Day!  All day long, buddies can workout for free along side you!**

Workout will be tailored based on fitness level (for beginner to advanced athletes).

Workout for Tue., 11/29:

Warm  Up!

Skill / Test –

Double Unders


800m Run

60 DUs

40 S2OH

20 Box Jump Overs

40 S2OH

60 DUs

800m Run

Monday, November 28th WOD


Beginner’s Course starts today at 7:30pm.

“Bring-A-Buddy” Day Tuesday, November 29th! Bring a friend to workout with you at any class for free!

Workout for Mon., 11/28:

Warm Up!


4 rounds

(resting 3 mins between rounds)

30 Cal Row

20 OH Plate Lunges

10 Burpees to Plate

Saturday, November 26th – Family WOD 9am!


Regular schedule resumes today, Sat. 11/26!

Also, join us in our fun Family WOD at 9am — for beginners to advanced athletes of all ages!

Friday, November 25th – CFBF Closed!

Friendly reminders:

Fri., 11/25 – CFBF will be closed all day.

Sat., 11/26 – Regular schedule resumes & “Family WOD” at 9am!

Thursday, November 24th WOD – Thanksgiving Day!


Happy Thanksgiving!  

We are certainly very thankful for our CFBF family!

Reminder:  We have our Thanksgiving WOD today at 8am only! 

Closed the remainder of the day. Have a great holiday!

Workout for Thu., 11/24:


Second Beginner’s Course Added – Starts Nov. 28th!


Don’t wait for a New Year’s resolution!

Get a jump on your fitness after the Thanksgiving holiday with our next Beginner’s Course, starting November 28th!

This is the perfect program for anyone that has been looking to try CrossFit for the first time, or for a CrossFitter that is looking for a refresher course.

Space is limited.  To learn more or to register, click here.