Workout Of The Day

Thursday, September 20th WOD

Workout for Thu., 9/20:

Warm Up!


10 rounds NFT

10 back squat

10 strict t2b

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Friday, July 27th WOD

Workout for Fri., 7/26:

Warm Up!



200m sprint

6 c2b

6 c2b

6 c2b

Rest 60 seconds between rounds

*pull-ups must be broken up into ub sets of 6, 6, 6

Thursday, July 26th WOD

Workout for Thu., 7/26:

Warm Up!





Ring Dip


In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, who was killed in Afghanistan on June 2005. He was 30 years old of Little Creek, VA.

Wednesday, July 25th WOD

Workout for Wed., 7/25:

Warm Up!


15 mins to build to heavy power snatch



3 power snatch

6 box jump

Tuesday, July 24th WOD

Workout for Tue., 7/24:

Warm Up!


9×2 banded deadlift

(building to heavy 2 rep)

Followed by 8 rep top set

Finisher –

100 banded hammy curls

Monday, July 23rd WOD

Workout for Mon., 7/23:

Warm Up!


For time

2 rounds

15 cal row

15 DB hang squat cleans

Cash out 15 burpees over erg. 

Finisher 2-mile run

Friday, July 20th WOD

Workout for Fri., 7/20:

Warm Up!


(Three 4 min amraps)

4 min armap

18 ohs (115/85)

18 burpee over bbell

Max cal row

4 min amrap

15 ohs (135/95)

15 burpees over bbell

Max cal row

4 min amrap

12 ohs (155/105)

12 burpees over barbell

Max cal row

Thursday, July 19th WOD

Workout for Thu., 7/19:

Warm Up!



3 rounds

5kb press

Then right arm locked out left arm up walk 50 m then 5 kb press then left arm locked out walk 50 m

Perform 3 times without putting kbs down!

10 reps of

Lockout DB bench press

Left arm bench

Right arm bench

Both arm bench

12 barbell good morning. 3 second on the way down.

Wednesday, July 18th WOD

Workout for Wed., 7/18:

Warm Up!


Teams of 2

AMRAP in 30 mins

100 box jumps

100 deadlifts

100 kb clean and jerk 1 arm

***partners switch every minute 1 person working at a time

Tuesday, July 17th WOD

Workout for Tue., 7/17:

Warm Up!



3 rounds

400m run

21 kb swings

12 pull-ups

Monday, July 16th WOD

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Workout for Mon., 7/16:

Warm Up!


EMOM x 20

2 clean and jerks

(At 70%-80% of 1rm)

If you fail a rep the next minute skip the clean and jerks and perform 10 burpees.