Workout Of The Day

Wednesday, April 25th WOD

Workout for Wed., 4/25:

Warm Up!


Elizabeth .84


Med Ball Clean

Ring Dip

Previous WODs

Wednesday, March 28th WOD

Workout for Wed., 3/28:

Warm Up!


10 min AMRAP

6 cleans

12 pull-ups

24 dus

Tuesday, March 27th WOD

Workout for Tue., 3/27:

Warm Up!


3×3 OH Squat

3×2 Front Squat

3×1 Back Squat

Monday, March 26th WOD

Congrats to all CFBF athletes for an amazing job with the 2018 CrossFit Open!! Don’t forget to submit your scores.

Workout for Mon., 3/26:

Warm Up!


EMOM x 15

Min 1- 10 banded DB sit-ups

Min 2- 15 push ups

Min 3- 20 ring rows

Friday, March 23rd WOD – 18.5 & FNL!!!

Workout for Fri., 3/23:

Warm Up!

WOD – 

CrossFit Open 18.5!!!!

Reminder – rolling heats starting for evening classes at 5pm–Friday Night Lights!!! LAST ONE!! GET IT! 

Thursday, March 22nd WOD

Workout for Thu., 3/22:

Warm Up!


Active Recovery WOD


12 min goat work


Active recovery

Fran with empty barbell and ring rows



Ring Rows


“GI Jane”

100 burpee pull-ups for time

Wednesday, March 21st WOD

Workout for Wed., 3/21:

Warm Up! 


Teams of 2

20 min amrap

50 push ups

15 synchro goblet squats

50 plate burpees

15 synchro goblet squats

50 plate g2oh

15 synchro goblet squats

Tuesday, March 20th WOD – Register for Festivus Comp!

Don’t forget to register for CFBF’s Festivus Individual Comp. on April 21st!

Workout for Tue., 3/20:

Warm Up!


50 bodyweight front squats for time

Every time you break 400 m run

Monday, March 19th WOD

Nice job on 18.4! Don’t forget to submit your scores!

Workout for Mon., 3/19:

Warm Up!




Box Jump


Friday, March 16th WOD – 18.4 Open WOD & FNL!

Workout for Fri., 3/16:

Warm Up!


CrossFit Open 18.4

*Reminder – Rolling Heats for evening classes starting at 5pm for Friday Night Lights! 

Thursday, March 15th WOD

Workout for Thu., 3/15:

Warm Up!


Active Recovery WOD

For completion

3000m row

5 TGU (super slow; each side)

4 rig baer crawls back and forth

3 crab walks back and forth

– OR –

5 rounds

400m run

20 wbs

75 dus

Rest :90