Workout Of The Day

Friday, September 21st WOD

Workout for Fri., 9/21:

Warm Up!


E2mom x 24

1- 400m run

2- 500m/425m row

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Wednesday, October 11th WOD

Workout for Wed., 10/11:

Warm Up!

Strength –

8×150 m row sprint (all out effort)

Rest 90sec-2 mins between sets


Stations: complete each station once

NFT but move with purpose

400m OH walk

100 battle rope slams (take turns as needed)

40 tire flips

20 burpee jump in tire jump out

Tuesday, October 10th WOD

Workout for Tue., 10/10:

Warm Up!

Strength –

400m lunge

WOD – “JT”

In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Midway, West Virginia, who was killed on June 28, 2005, while conducting combat operations in the vicinity of Asadabad, Afghanistan, in Kumar Province.

He is survived by his father, John; mother, Carrie; and wife, Erin.





Monday, October 9th WOD – Columbus Day (Regular Schedule & Hours)

CFBF is open regular hours & schedule on Columbus Day (Monday, Oct. 9th)!

Workout for Mon., 10/9:

Warm Up!


Lurong WOD #4

For time: 10 min cap

10 deadlift

20 dus

8 dl

40 dus


60 dus

4 dl

80 dus

2 dl

100 dus


Hollow hold tabata

Then tabata pull up bar hang

Athletes of the Month (October) – Kerstin & Kajsa Matz

We love it when families workout together! Not only is it more fun but it’s a great way to stay on top of your fitness goals.  We’ve highlighted some of our amazing families before and this month is no exception, meet this dynamite mother-daughter duo, and our October Athletes of the Month—Kerstin & Kajsa Matz!  These strong ladies always come in with smiles on their faces ready to do work.  They inspire us at CFBF because they are always ready to step outside their comfort zone, challenge themselves and reach new levels of success.  Their smiles always brighten up a class.  Congrats Kerstin & Kajsa!  We look forward to watching you continue to grow and raise the bar!


CFBF Athletes of the Month (October) – Kerstin & Kajsa Matz

What is your athletic background?

Kerstin:  Broomball, ice-skating on the pond my dad made in our backyard, running, , GOTR coaching, yoga, home-workouts, college bounce and toss games.  Anything that was non-competitive and didn’t involve large groups of people was what I was drawn to.

Kajsa:  I played soccer and lacrosse.  I did Girls On The Run for two years.  Now I do CrossFit.

Why did you join CFBF?

Kerstin:  I had heard about CrossFit years ago on a 60 Minutes segment.  Then, I had heard about it in a brief conversation with a friend.  Heading into Home Depot with my family, I saw the CFBF sign and walked in so I could avoid looking at tools and picking up caulking supplies.  Chris was there, we talked, I came in for an evaluation, he was nice, so I signed up for the beginner class.  I really enjoyed it, it’s addicting, so I joined. 

Kajsa:  My mom was doing it and it looked fun.

Most memorable WOD?

Kerstin:  17.1.  I was terrified!  I didn’t think I could do the DB thrusters, but I did.  I was counting on someone there knowing CPR because I thought the burps over box were going to be the end of me.  It turns out, I did those, too.  It wasn’t pretty, but I did them.  Kajsa was amazing, too.  It was so great to see my kid work so hard.  I am so proud of her!

Kajsa:  The first Open WOD (17.1) because it was my first WOD in a competition.

Favorite CF movement?

Kerstin:  Thrusters, again not pretty, but I really tried to practice the movement to get it right.  I don’t know why!  I also like deadlifts because I can do them – lean down, stand up.  I like wall balls, too.

Kajsa:  I like the rope climb because when I get to the top I can see the entire gym.

Biggest challenge?

Kerstin:  Burpees!  Ugh!  I have to figure out how to change my story with those!  I do struggle with expecting to do more and to do it faster than I’m ready for.   Finding the right weight for barbells. 

Kajsa:  Getting my strict pull-up.

Biggest improvement?

Kerstin:  Squats.  Even if it’s just a centimeter deeper, I can tell.  It’s progress.  I’m much stronger than when I started!  I know because I can clean a 38 pound bag of dog food, I couldn’t do that before!

Kajsa:  I’ve gotten stronger.

Who is your superhero?

Kerstin:  Kajsa.  I’m truly amazed by the athlete she has become.  She is focused and perseveres.  I can’t help smiling when I watch her.

Kajsa:  Addie because she’s awesome!

Fun fact about yourself?

Kerstin:  I was an exchange student in Sweden in 1988-89.  We went to the Soviet Union on a field trip.  My friend and I met some Soviet men on the street during the day and met them in a stairwell at night to trade jeans for Soviet memorabilia.  How am I still alive? 

Kajsa:  I love to bake.

What is most special about CFBF? 

Kerstin: I think everyone says this, but it’s true, the people and coaches.  It’s a welcoming community.  The coaches truly care about helping you get stronger and better.  They pay attention to everyone’s individual needs. 

Kajsa:  Everyone is super helpful and friendly.  And, Chris and Addie really help me build up to the weight I want and the with movements.

Advice for new members? 

Kerstin:  If you’re nervous, force yourself to keep coming back because it is worth it.  You’re stronger than you may think you are.  Everything can be scaled.  Don’t be afraid to answer questions.  If you cry, come back because people will act like it never happened. 

Kajsa:  Try your best.  Everyone has to be scaled down at times, not just you.  Don’t compare yourself to other people because maybe someone was scaled down but they were in another class and you didn’t see them. 

Friday, October 6th WOD

Workout for Fri., 10/6:

Warm Up!


For time:

50 pistols

40 t2b

30 box jump

20 right arm oh lunges

10 ring mus

20 left arm oh lunges

30 Box jump

40 t2b

50 pistols

Thursday, October 5th WOD

Workout for Thur., 10/5:

Warm Up!

Strength –

Emom x 12

1- 30ft stone carry

2- 30 russian twist w kb


1 min max slam balls

1 min max push ups

1 min max pull ups

Rest 1 min

2 min max pull ups

2 min max push ups

2 min max slam balls

Rest 2 mins

3 mins max burpees to target

Wednesday, October 4th WOD

Workout for Wed., 10/4:

Warm Up!

Strength –

Emom x 18

1-3 clean pull

2- 2 high hang squat clean

3- 3 position squat clean

***Building every 3rd minute



30 C&J for time

Tuesday, October 3rd WOD

Workout for Tue., 10/3:

Warm Up!


For time 1 round of 16.4

55 deadlifts

55 wall balls

55 cal row


Time cap 15 mins

@15 min mark

50 burpees

Monday, October 2nd WOD

Workout for Mon., 10/2:

Warm Up!


Lurong WOD 3

13 min AMRAP

13 t2b

13 kb swings

13 lateral box jump overs


Skill work

Emom x 10

1- rig hs walk

2- 3 ring dips with 3 second pause in bottom


Emom x 10

1- 20 single unders every 5 one power jump

2- max dus

Friday, September 29th WOD

Workout for Fri., 9/29:

Warm Up!

WOD – 

5 min AMRAP

2 rope climbs

10 squat cleans

Rest 2 mins

5 min amrap

3 bar muscle ups

10 hang power snatch

Rest 2 mins



Burpees over bar