Workout Of The Day

Wednesday, April 25th WOD

Workout for Wed., 4/25:

Warm Up!


Elizabeth .84


Med Ball Clean

Ring Dip

Previous WODs

Wednesday, June 7th WOD

Workout for Wed., 6/7:

Warm Up!

Strength –


unbroken strict pull-ups


15 min AMRAP

20 t2b

10 push ups

5 squat cleans

Tuesday, June 6th WOD

Workout for Tue., 6/6:

Warm Up!

Skill –

3×10 (each leg)

1-leg Romanian Deadlift w/ KB



21 DL

15 Thrusters

9 Burpees over bar

Monday, June 5th WOD & Updates

CFBF Reminders: 

Beginner CrossFit Course starts Monday, June 5th.

NEW Burn Bootcamp stars Monday, June 5th!  M, W, F at 7am – 8am! 

Workout for Mon., 6/5:

Warm Up!

Strength – 

1 RM Clean

WOD – 

“Double Grace”

For time

60 Clean & Jerks

Friday, June 2nd WOD

NEW Bootcamp class starts Monday, June 5th!

Next Beginner CrossFit Course starts Monday, June 5th!

Contact us to sign up or to learn more.

Workout for Fri., 6/2:

Warm Up!


Flight Simulator

Athlete of the Month (June) – Shea Cook

We’re proud to name Shea Cook as our June Athlete of the Month!  Shea joined CFBF 1.5 years ago and she’s had a BIG impact on our community.  She works hard and knows how to have fun and, as a result, those around her work harder and have more fun too!  She’s a joy to coach because she is a coach (high school girls basketball team) and an athlete and she wants to get better every day.  Keep it up Shea!

CFBF Athlete of the Month (June) – Shea Cook

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?

Played High School and College Basketball. I was never the fastest or strongest, but I was always the most competitive.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

I had just moved to Portsmouth and having trouble finding a new gym community and routine. I was curious about the “CrossFit craze” and decided to give it a try. Although I was unsure about it during the intro classes, by the first month I was hooked. I loved the competitive yet supportive environment. It quickly became the highlight of my day.

Most Memorable WOD?

Definitely, The Lumber Jack 20! It was my first competition and I was so fortunate to have such an awesome partner, Becky! She was incredible and really got me to push myself the whole time. I never thought I could to an overhead squat till that competition.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?

Wall Balls

Biggest Challenge?

Still working on the strict pull-up!

Biggest Improvement?

I’ve learned to love my muscles and not worry about the number on the scale.

Who is Your Superhero?

All of the coaches. They care so much about every member and are cheering for you during every class! They inspire me each to work harder.

What Most Special About CFBF?

The community. Each member has helped make Portsmouth feel at home. I genuinely look forward to seeing the people more than the workout!

Any Advice for New Members?

Pick a time and make it happen! Each class has a core group of great people that will push you each and everyday to be better. I would be a much grumpier teacher if I didn’t have my 6 am crew!

Thursday, June 1st WOD

Workout for Thu., 6/1:

Warm Up!

Strength –

1 RM

Back Squat


12 min AMRAP

12 T2B

12 alt FR lunges

12 bar facing burpees

Wednesday, May 31st WOD

Workout for Wed., 5/31:

Warm Up!

Strength –


Bench Press



DB Squat Snatch

Box Jump

Tuesday, May 30th WOD

Workout for Tue., 5/30:

Warm Up!

Skill –

Rope Climb

(wear tall socks or long pants)


EMOM x21

Min 1 = 2 Rope Climbs

Min 2 = 20/15 cal row

Min 3 = 12 power clean

Monday, May 29th – Memorial Day MURPH WOD!

*Modified Schedule for Monday, May 29th – Memorial Day MURPH WOD starting at 9:30am*

Warm Up!



For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Friday, May 26th WOD – New Class Time Added @ 4:30pm!

Starting today we are adding a NEW CLASS TIME at 4:30pm on Fridays!!

Workout for Fri., 5/26:

Warm Up!


20 min AMRAP

400 m run

20 vups

25 ft oh db walking lunge right arm

25 ft oh db walking lunge left arm