Athlete of the Month (September) – Kristen Paltz

Please join us in recognizing our September Athlete of the Month, Kristen Paltz!  She recently joined CFBF and has already proven herself to be a great addition to the community.  In the short amount of time with us, she’s already made great strides in her overall performance and brings enthusiastic energy anytime she’s in the gym.  Read more about Kristen below. Congrats and keep up the great work!

CFBF Athlete of the Month (September) – Kristen Paltz

What’s Your Athletic/Fitness Background?   

I played various sports when I was younger. The one sport that stuck, was soccer. I played through high school and joined summer leagues through college. I’ve joined different studios in the Portsmouth area for Barre, TRX, and spin. Now, I’ve joined CrossFit and when I’m not at CrossFit I’ll do yoga, pilates or go for a run.

Why Did You Join CFBF?

I get bored when I do the same type of workout all the time, and I wanted to mix it up.

Most Memorable WOD?

Well, I can’t say that I remember any, but I do like the ones where I can walk on my hands or use the rower.

Favorite CrossFit Movement? 

Split jerk

Biggest Challenge? 

Kipping movements.

Biggest Improvement?    

I would say my confidence with lifts.

Who is Your Superhero?

My mom. Her superpower? Making the best grilled cheeses when I visit.

Fun Fact about Yourself?

I like to travel to one place a year that I’ve never been. This year I was lucky enough to go to two! (England and Yellowstone National Park).

What Most Special About CFBF?

The coaches (awwwwww). I appreciate their patience, especially when I need to see a visual of a movement, a few extra times. 🙂

Any Advice for New Members?

Don’t give up! Classes can be intimidating at first, but stick with it and get into a schedule.

Friday, September 7th WOD

Workout for Fri., 9/7:

Warm Up!


17 min AMRAP

50 DB snatch

40 pistols

30 burpee box jump overs

Thursday, September 6th WOD

Workout for Thu., 9/6:

Warm Up!

Strength –

8×8 strict press

Building to 8 rep max


For time

40 pull-ups

20 s2oh

10 burpees over barbell

20 s2oh

40 pull-ups

Wednesday, September 5th WOD

Workout for Wed., 9/5:

Warm Up!


3 rounds

30 wbs

15 t2b

20 wbs

10 t2b

10 wbs

5 t2b

Rest 3 mins between sets

Tuesday, September 4th WOD

Workout for Tue., 9/4:

Warm Up!


20 min EMOM

1 clean and jerk building to 1 RM


20 min technique work

Friday, August 31st WOD

Workout for Fri., 8/31:

Warm Up!



50 Double unders

20 T2B


Thursday, August 30th WOD

Workout for Thu., 8/30:

Warm Up!

WOD – 

Unknown & Unknowable

Wednesday, August 29th WOD

Workout for Wed., 8/29:

Warm Up!



20 KB hold reverse lunge steps

5 Deadlift

Tuesday, August 28th WOD

Workout for Tue., 8/28:

Warm Up!


8X3 Back Squat



8 stiff leg deadlift

8 bent over row

1:00 max banded kneeling crunches

8 good morning

Monday, August 27th WOD

Workout for Mon., 8/27:

Warm Up!



DB Snatch


*Start each round with a 600m run