What is CrossFit?

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Think about what most of us do when we go to the gym…

We use the same machines every day.  We focus on “time elapsed” and “calories burned.”  We struggle to think of new exercises and how to perform them properly.  We do what we know.  We sit on benches in between sets thinking of God knows what.  We try to not get caught watching what someone else (who appears to be more fit than us) is doing.  Even though we’re all there with the same general goal of getting fit and losing weight, we keep our ear buds in and our interactions to a minimum. When you really think about it, it’s kind of an awkward experience and not what anyone would consider “fun.”

CrossFit is the antithesis of the typical gym experience. It is defined as “constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.” Functional movements are everyday movements life requires us to perform—squatting, jumping, lifting, running, etc. We train by controlling our movement through space—we are never confined to machines and everything we do has a practical application to our lives.

Although it’s challenging, the intensity is scalable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Mothers, hell, grandmothers do CrossFit and you know what? They discover their inner athlete and a confidence that they couldn’t find training in their “ideal fat burning zone.”

The programming is varied in order to challenge and prepare you for anything. That’s right—anything. From life’s mundane tasks such as lifting and carrying laundry baskets up and down stairs or getting a heavy piece of luggage into a tight overhead compartment to the extreme of pushing up that steep hill in the final mile of a race or jumping out of a cruiser and sprinting to the scene of an accident.

Variety and intensity are key ingredients missing from most folks exercise routines and although functional movements are elemental to human behavior, they require coaching to be performed properly and safely. CrossFit delivers all of this and it delivers results.

Above all else, CrossFit is fun!  We work together in small supportive groups. We yell, cheer, and high five each other. We don’t wear head phones. We pick up your weights when you finish because we know you’d pick up ours and we call you when we haven’t seen you in a while. This behavior creates an uncommon sense of camaraderie that will motivate you to work harder than you ever thought possible. CrossFit transforms what was once a chore into a way of life and amazingly (maybe surprisingly) you will have fun while doing it.