Our Programs

Beginner’s Course

Our Beginner’s Course is a 4 week program designed to help people of all fitness levels become fitter, leaner, and look better naked (it’s true!). 

You’ll work directly with a certified Bona Fide coach who will help you develop a healthy nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle program!

This 4 week course includes:

• 30-day Performance Plan

• Nutrition Education & Flexible Plan

• Personal Accountability Coach

• 9 Group Lectures & Workouts (Tue & Thu at 7:30pm and Sat at 1oam)

• 4 At-Home Workouts

• Pre/Post Fitness Assessments

• Small Group Setting

• Community Forum

In addition, you’ll learn what makes CrossFit Bona Fide so unique from anything else you’ve experienced before.  During these 4 weeks we will equip you with the knowledge and confidence you will need to continue your progress and safely transition into our general classes. There is no obligation to continue to after your 4 weeks ends, but the Beginner’s Course is required before you may attend any of our other scheduled classes. (Private sessions are also available.)

If you’d like to sign up for our next Beginner’s Course and schedule a private intro session please contact us at  .

We understand you may have to miss a session.  Beginner’s Course athletes may schedule up to 3 make up sessions with coach at $25/session (the first make up session is no charge).

**If you are new to us, but not new to CrossFit, you may have everything you need to jump into the regular classes.  Please contact us to set up a time to meet with a coach and “test out” of our Beginner’s Course.

Private On Ramp Course

If you’re new to exercise or CrossFit and our Beginner’s Course schedule is not convenient for you, we offer a Private On-Ramp Course for just $450. This program is nearly identical to our Beginner’s Course and includes 9 (nine) 1-hour private coaching sessions.  Please contact us at   to learn more or to schedule your first private session.

Workout Of the Day (WOD)

A WOD describes the main focus of each class. The structure of the class may vary based on the nature of the WOD. Generally, each class includes a group warm-up, mobility work, and a focus on a strength movement or skill. This will be followed by the WOD and a class cool-down. Each class will last 60 minutes start to finish.

Mobility Class

This class includes a 15-30 minute “WOD” which will work on breathing techniques and increasing full body range of motion. During the remainder of the class we will go over different stretching and techniques.  This class is NOT to be done post workout. This should be used as an active recovery day.


This class is designed for the individual who wants to be exposed to more than what a traditional “globo gym” has to offer, but who may not be ready for the intensity and movements that come along with our traditional CrossFit classes. The focus here will still be on quality movement, but limited barbell work and no scoring or rankings.

Private Training

For CFBF members looking for a customized exercise and nutrition program, we offer private one-on-one training and nutrition counseling with one of our world-class coaches. Please ask one of our coaches about scheduling an introductory appointment.

Open Gym

Open gym provides all members with additional time to work on their fitness goals. You can use this time to catch up on a missed workout from earlier in the week, work on your mobility, or practice any number of skills. There will be a coach on the floor during these times, but no set workout will be programmed.

Barbell Club

Barbell Club is an hour long class focused on (you guessed it) barbell movements.  This class is open to all members of all levels of ability.  The focus in on teaching proper movement mechanics to move weight safely and more efficiently, not just on moving more weight.