Our Members

Welcome to CrossFit Bona Fide. In our community you will find working professionals, mothers, fathers, professional athletes, grandparents, and everything in between. All have one goal in mind…becoming fit for life. Our job at CrossFit Bona Fide is to provide you with the necessary tools to honor life with unmatched enthusiasm.

Here are what a few members have said about CFBF. 

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    “From young females and males up to senior citizens”

    “I have just recently started working out at CrossFit Bona Fide through an offer for ALL PPD employees to try his gym out. I know we have some diehard workout people here, but for the majority like me, I had no idea what CrossFit was all about. It sounds intimidating for those of us who are not on the cutting edge of workout programs, but I can now attest that it is a phenomenal workout, and is not structured just for workout nuts, as I can assure you I’m not. The range is from young females and males up to senior citizens who are just trying to keep moving in their 70’s.

    It is not your typical gym with treadmills and stair masters. It’s built around a trainer instructing a group in doing every day movements combining multiple exercises in an hour workout.” Mark N.

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    “An incredible gym that is perfect for people at all levels of fitness!”

    “As a 37 year old I was very interested to start back at the gym after 10 years without much gym activity. I considered CrossFit several times, but thought it may be too intense for a beginner. I was certainly wrong! CrossFit Bona Fide is an incredible gym that is perfect for people at all levels of fitness! I’m very impressed with the coaches and members. The coaches are knowledgable and focused on teaching. Everyone in the classes are having fun, learning new exercises, and getting in shape.

    Thanks to the owners and coaches for opening Cross Fit Bona Fide this year and offering such a good fitness program to the seacoast community!” Chris M.

  • Kara1

    “CrossFit Bona Fide were amazing working around my health and pain issues”

    “I’ve never really done any sort of athletic activity before CrossFit. I’m definitely a beginner. I’ve been pretty sick a lot of the time, but I have the ambition to keep moving and always wanted to find an open environment to learn how to become stronger, more coordinated, etc.

    The folks at CrossFit Bona Fide were amazing working around my most recent health and pain issues in many ways (from adjusting the WOD each class for me to figuring out billing during necessary absences)!

    I tried a few different boxes in the area before committing, and I really only felt comfortable at CFBF. They always scale and are quick to explain everything. The coaches truly care about each individual athlete, and really want to help us succeed, whatever that may mean for everyone. Some of my best friends (and you will make many!) in these classes are well-versed athletes, and we still enjoy going to the same classes together. Great activity. Great box. Chat with the coaches if you’re considering joining. They will definitely help you out! Thanks Abby, Kevin, Brian, Matt, Trevor, and Bryant. Oh yes, and always a pleasure to see Franklin, the friendliest canine around!” Kara D.

  • Tess2

    “Impeccable programming, prime focus on good form and moving correctly to prevent injury.”

    “CrossFit with a conscious. Impeccable programming, prime focus on good form and moving correctly to prevent injury. Now that being said it is not easy, you get your butt kicked, but you won’t get injured doing it. Coaches are incredible (both coaches backgrounds include medical training), members are welcoming and supportive. You matter at this gym. Everyone here will help you meet your goals.” Tess N.