Our Facility

Welcome to CrossFit Bona Fide. In our community you will find working professionals, mothers, fathers, professional athletes, grandparents, and everything in between. All have one goal in mind…becoming fit for life. Our job at CrossFit Bona Fide is to provide you with the necessary tools to honor life with unmatched enthusiasm.

CrossFit Bona Fide is a 4,200 square foot strength and conditioning facility located at 100 Arthur Brady Drive in Portsmouth, NH.  Our program is based on the CrossFit methodology.  This means that we follow a program consisting of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high-intensity.  Functional movements are organic in nature, innate to our DNA and essential to our quality of life and independent living.  Intensity is how we gain results and accomplish goals. We train for longevity, we train for health and most of all, we train for a better quality of life across all areas.   At CrossFit Bona Fide, our goal is to help you make exercise part of your (every) day.

Our convenient class schedule and central retail location make it easy to work out before, during, or after work or add a workout to the top of your “shopping” list. We were fortunate to find a great location next door to Eastern Mountain Sports and across from Home Depot just off the Spaulding Turnpike and Woodbury Ave. in Portsmouth.

Our 4,200 sq/ft facility comes complete with:
• 3,000 sq/ft open workout area with 20’ high ceiling
• Men’s and Women’s Showers and changing rooms equipped with sinks, vanities, hair dryers, shampoo, etc.
• Full line of brand new functional work out equipment
• On line scheduling and class reservation system
• Pre and post workout nutrition and healthy snacks
• Front desk reception area with storage cubbies and benches
• Air conditioning, ample parking, and more!